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We offer a full range of contractor services to guarantee that our clients have all they require from start to finish. Our project managers will be on hand to make sure everything runs well. We’re a family-owned company that believes our reputation is built on the quality of our work, hence the name Quality First Builders.. You’ll receive individualized service from seasoned general contractor veterans who are committed to delivering the results we’ve promised. If you’re looking for Westwood general contractors to help you with your project, you’ve come to the right place, and we have lots of happy client testimonials to prove it.

Whether you need a general contractor to handle your construction project or specialized, professional contractors to help you build your ideal house from the ground up, we got you covered. We’ve been the go-to Westwood custom home builders in a lot of successful stories. Please take a look at our many project galleries and client testimonial videos.

Call (310) 254-9687 or contact us for quality construction services in Westwood, CA.

How Long Does the Typical Remodeling or Construction Project Take?

As with all construction, the answer is that it depends on several factors. However, choosing general contractors who are specialized in the project type at hand will doubtlessly shave ample time off the project duration. Home construction carries several differences to commercial construction. Unlike with commercial projects, residential buildings are all but permanently lived in. Families come and go, with the desire for comfort, quiet and privacy. This means that a practiced team of general contractors can make all the difference in performing an efficient job that gets your home back to you in no time, minimizing the disruption to your family.

It is for this reason that our teams are trained and excel at being a pleasure working with. They perform all services on time and to budget, while being completely mindful of the household occupants going about their business in the home. In our experience, and based on speaking with countless clients, this has made all the difference between what constitutes a good general contractor compared to what constitutes the best general contractors. If you’re looking for a contractor team who will work closely with you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our family run business, where every project is undertaken with maximum attention to your family’s needs.

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Home Remodeling Westwood

People choose home renovations mainly to improve the livability and comfort of their homes. In their own home, everyone wants to feel safe and protected. The best home renovations improve the home’s level of comfort and functionality. A well-done bathroom renovation, for example, will create a place of peace and privacy.

A kitchen remodel makes cooking easier and more enjoyable. Remodeling the dining or living room space provides a family time zone that brings everyone together. Simply by rearrangement of layouts and fixtures, your property can become significantly easier and more pleasant to navigate.

Kitchen Remodeling Westwood

In Westwood, our general contractors have overseen dozens of beautiful kitchen remodel projects. Our team has the advantage of engaging clients on a more personal level as specialists in residential buildings, making sure to understand their family’s demands for every kitchen remodel. We have endeavored to set ourselves apart from any other contractors in Westwood, by ensuring all of our construction projects put the people behind them first. Homeowners hire general contractors to manage remodeling projects because they demand a particular level of quality and don’t want to risk their project falling apart. We’ve made sure to keep our team filled with just the most passionate individuals who love seeing both construction plans and interior design projects come to life. 

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ADU Contractor Westwood

ADUs are a great way to supplement income from rentals. If you’re looking for a general contractor who can complete the project on time and on budget, contact our team for a complimentary consultation. ADU will provide you with an opportunity to accommodate guests, teenagers, or elderly parents in addition to additional income. Having separate private facilities outside the main house offers long-term visitors the privacy they need.

Your guests will have less impact on your everyday life if they have their own kitchen, living room, and bedroom. You can spend time with your elderly parents or grandparents while still maintaining your own schedule if you have a separate ADU. An ADU on your property will be a great place for your adult children to stay while they get their lives back on track or go to school.

Custom Home Builders Westwood

Our general contractor services are focused on unique, one-of-a-kind home construction that will set your home apart from the others in Westwood. Have you ever driven past a house and been struck by how well-thought-out its design is? From functionality to aesthetics, our team has a long work history of building beautiful properties that homeowners can be proud of.

Choosing to build a custom home is a life-changing decision that will affect your happiness now and in the future. A typical home may be able to accomplish this, but we and our satisfied customers believe that nothing compares to a custom-built home tailored to your specific needs.

Custom homes are one-of-a-kind pieces that represent your personal style preferences and are built in front of your eyes. Collaboration with us will allow you to create a space that perfectly reflects your tastes, personality, and personal style. By giving your adult child their own space in your home or property with an adu, you can save money while also giving them some independence. This can be a great place to start while they’re in transition.

What To Look For in a General Contractor in Westwood, LA

We’ve successfully managed a number of construction projects in Westwood, with a focus on larger residential projects such as complete home remodels. When selecting general contractors, it’s crucial to do your homework on their past work history to ensure you only get involved with the right contractor for your project. The stylistic abilities and timeliness of their previous projects, as well as the quality of their work, will be a huge indicator of whether or not they are a good contractor. It’s also good to check their references. We have a full list of references you may contact as well as video testimonials from dozens of happy clients in the Westwood area.

General Contractor Requirements

If you’ve read this far, then it might be your first time working with a general contractor. There are a few terms you may be unfamiliar with. Let’s start with the definition of a general contractor. In a few words, general contractors manage construction projects that include both clients and tradesman. You must meet certain minimum requirements and have all of the necessary paperwork in order to work as a general contractor in Los Angeles. You must also get both a license and insurance.

The exact qualifications necessary vary state by state. Our team are absolute specialists in servicing the greater Los Angeles area in particular. Our crew is vetted, registered, and ensured for total compliance and adherence to the highest standards in the state, from residential buildings to home remodeling projects.

Every one of our contractors in Westwood has a minimum of four years of experience as foremen, supervisors, or contractors in the areas for that they have licenses. We work with industry veterans to ensure that each new construction and remodeling project meets the high standards expected of houses in the Westwood area.

What Kind of Jobs Have Our General Contractors Covered?

As specialized contractors, our team has covered an extensive range of jobs and taken pride in each and every construction project we’ve been entrusted with. This includes entire home remodels to kitchen remodeling or new bathroom projects. We take pride in being trusted Westwood custom home builders, servicing the community with whatever construction dream they are hoping to manifest.

Peace of Mind with a Trusted, Experienced Team

Quality First Builders is a fully insured company that has been successfully building and remodeling residential homes for many years. We handle everything from the proper permits to abiding by the highest standards in the construction industry. This has provided all of our previous clients complete peace of mind, knowing that they are in the hands of seasoned pros who can accomplish all of their general contractor needs. On every remodeling project, our team collaborates closely with you as the client to ensure quality work and customer satisfaction.

The Team Behind Dozens of Home Remodels in Westwood, LA

Turn your living room into something new and exciting. If you have a garage, transform it into an ADU home office or den. We can give your property a completely new appearance or remodel any area. We’ve worked on projects of all sizes and scopes, so whether you want a complete dream home renovation, a new patio, or that dream kitchen you’ve always wanted, we’ve done it all. We’re the Westwood construction contractors you want working on your project.

Contact us online or call (310) 254-9687 for an appointment!

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