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Making Construction Dreams a Reality

Are you planning on redesigning a part of your house or interested in creating your dream home from the ground up? Having a reputable contractor is key for any kind of construction project, and you can trust in Quality First Builders! Our specialists have everything it takes to turn clients’ imaginations into reality with our innovative and reliable South Pasadena construction services. We can also help create a budget and determine whether any zoning or building regulations may apply to your property. There’s no reason to feel stressed when you get in touch with our knowledgeable techs.

To learn more about our payment plans, reach out to us at (310) 254-9687.

Choose from a Vast Range of Construction Projects

There are many options available to make a property more functional, beautiful, and personalized. Our specialists are here to make sure that any project is built to last for many years.

A few examples of the types of projects our customers can choose from include:

  • Home remodels
  • Kitchen expansions and remodeling
  • Bathroom projects
  • Accessory dwelling unit construction
  • Stairway and hallway construction
  • Electrical and plumbing renovations
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Why Choose Quality First Builders?

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Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area Since 2014

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    From remodels, to home additions, to new construction, we've got you covered.

  • Affordable Financing Options
    Our flexible financing options support you however you'd like to pay.
  • Licensed & Insured
    You can rest assured that our team is licensed, insured, and thoroughly vetted.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    You can be confident you'll be happy when our team drives away.
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What to Think About When Designing a Home Addition

While the result of a home addition is bound to be an exciting thing to look forward to, the planning process itself can feel overwhelming. To ensure that the addition meets the needs of the household while fitting seamlessly with the existing home, it's important to carefully consider a few key factors. Clients must first consider their goals for the addition and how it will be used — perhaps as an extra bedroom, a home office, or a larger living space. Homeowners must also determine the size and style of the addition to ensure it fits well with the rest of the home. Let our experts at Quality First Builders take the stress off!

Make the smart investment of getting in touch with our team at (310) 254-9687 for more info about our South Pasadena construction services.